LSRS- ARISS Press Release in response to recent press criticisms against the Romanian community

Romanian Students in the UK – a Mistreated Asset –

This document represents a press release issued by Romanian students in the United Kingdom through the organizations which represent them, in response to recent press criticisms against the Romanian community. Its main purpose is to present a repre- sentative and true account of the Romanian presence in the UK, namely that of a mistreated asset.


High-flying libel has been set as standard in the past year within the British right-wing populist media, with the local Romanian community being the punching bag in the search of an ever increasingly ignorant readership. In a media Farageisation, bombastic accounts revealed how Romanian gangs of beggars and criminals, already terrorising Britain, can’t wait for January 1st 2014 when work restrictions are lifted, and their ‘mates’ – the benefits seekers – can freely leave their homes where “they live like animals”, to come and suffocate the British labour market. Pseudo-alarmist accounts call for drastic solutions, ranging from extending the restrictions placed on Romanians’ access to the UK labour market to the outright British withdrawal from the EU. Representatives of Romanian students’ organizations in the UK, the present signatories of this line of argument, however, are keen on emphasising one clear point: ignorance hurts!