Are you a Romanian national studying at a university in the UK and looking for a mentor in your chosen professional field with whom you can share experiences, a person that can guide you in your career and give you advice regarding your professional future?

The League of Romanian Students Abroad UK Branch (LSRS UK) has the pleasure to invite you to participate in the program LSRS Mentorship Scheme.

The event will take place on the 29th of March 2014 in London at one of the Romanian Embassy’s buildings – 1 Belgrave Square, SW1X 8PH (Romanian Cultural Institute’s premises) between 12:00 and 18:30.


LSRS Mentorship Scheme is dedicated to Romanian students and graduates (with ages between 18 and 25) from within the UK. Equally, the primary aim is to facilitate the experience sharing and guidance for a period of 6 months through creating the appropriate links between students and role models in their fields. Hence, the event will commence with the Speed Networking Event in London on the 29th of March 2014 , followed by a 6 months e-mentoring in pairs and will end up with an awarding ceremony on the 4th of October 2014.

The mentoring domains will be: Business & Economy, Architecture, IT, Medicine, Law, Journalism & Communication, Administration & Diplomacy, Arts & Culture and Engineering.

Students that are considering participating at the event are requested to complete the following form by 27th of March: 

NB: The selection of participants will be made by participating mentors strictly on the basis of the registration form.

FB event:
Please find the briefing of the project at the following link-

A preview from the previous edition:

Speaker for the event will be: HE Dr Ion Jinga (Romanian Ambassador in the UK), Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP (Chairman, Home Affairs Select Committee), Shreya Paudel (Future International Students Officer, NUS), Adrian Cojocaru (HR Managing Director, EBRD London), Dana Denis Smith (Founder & CEO, Obelisk), Dr Felicia Buruiană (ST2 O&G, Lister Hospital), Dorian Branea (Director, ICR London)

Amongst the mentors and guests who will attend the event we are delighted to announce the following: Bogdan Patriniche (RBC UK), Mihnea Vasilache (Director at Chenavari Financial Group), Claudiu Carmaciu (SMR-UK), Tomi Tomescu (RDS UK), Elena Doldor (Lecturer at Queen Mary), George Udrea (Co-founder of, Paul Filimon (Site Reliability Engineer-Google UK), Anca Doczi (Co-founder of the London based Immersive Theatre), Mihai Danila (Investment Banker- Morgan Stanley), Raluca Novak (Marketing Manager Europe-McLaren Automotive), Adrian Uzuneanu (Product Development Engineer- Jaguar Land Rover), Mara Vasilache (Partner-BCIstudio), Maria Tiron (Legal Adviser- Personal Injury, Osbornes Solicitors), Mircea Cimpoi (DPhil Candidate in Engineering Science-Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford) and many more.

Event schedule:
12:00-13:00: Event Registration & Opening
13:00-14:00: Panel 1 – Romania the New Eastern European Economic Tiger?
14:00-15:00: Panel 2 – Successful careers and international mobility
15:00-15:15: Coffee Break 1
15:15-16:15: Round Tables Session
16:15-16:30: Coffee Break 2
16:30-18:00: Speed Networking Session
18:00-18:30: Closing Ceremony

The event aims to offer the participant students a unique and authentic speed-networking experience. Therefore, the project wants to facilitate the creation mentor-mentee partnerships for a period of 6 months while the student’s activity will be monitored. We praise and focus on the experience and professional development of the student as an individual with tailored strenghts and needs. Thus, LSRS Speed-Networking does not only offer a transient networking opportunity but also targets a professional development on the medium and long term through the careful guidance of mentors.


De vorbă cu Andrei Ioan Stan (Coordonator LSRS UK) despre cum studiile în străinătate îți oferă o trăire continuă de noi experiențe

Mulțumim,!                           Andrei I Stan

”Experiența proprie mi-a demonstrat că poate fi chiar un mod de viață care îți asigură o trăire continuă de experiențe noi. Cu fiecare schimbare de decor, experimentezi un fel de tabula rasa, practic pornești de la zero într-o nouă etapă de acumulare a cunoașterii.”

Textul pe care îl redăm mai jos este punctul lui de vedere, un mix între experiența personală a lui Andrei și interacțiunile cu tinerii plecați la studii în Anglia, pe care i-a întâlnit prin Liga Studenților Români din Străinătate.


LSRS- ARISS Press Release in response to recent press criticisms against the Romanian community

Romanian Students in the UK – a Mistreated Asset –

This document represents a press release issued by Romanian students in the United Kingdom through the organizations which represent them, in response to recent press criticisms against the Romanian community. Its main purpose is to present a repre- sentative and true account of the Romanian presence in the UK, namely that of a mistreated asset.


High-flying libel has been set as standard in the past year within the British right-wing populist media, with the local Romanian community being the punching bag in the search of an ever increasingly ignorant readership. In a media Farageisation, bombastic accounts revealed how Romanian gangs of beggars and criminals, already terrorising Britain, can’t wait for January 1st 2014 when work restrictions are lifted, and their ‘mates’ – the benefits seekers – can freely leave their homes where “they live like animals”, to come and suffocate the British labour market. Pseudo-alarmist accounts call for drastic solutions, ranging from extending the restrictions placed on Romanians’ access to the UK labour market to the outright British withdrawal from the EU. Representatives of Romanian students’ organizations in the UK, the present signatories of this line of argument, however, are keen on emphasising one clear point: ignorance hurts!


WEBINAR: LSRS Marea Britanie, 22/04/2012

Pentru a marca lansarea blogului oficial al filialei LSRS Marea Britanie, va invitam la primul webinar LSRS UK.

Evenimentul va avea loc in spatiu virtual la adresa pe data de 22 aprilie 2012 sub forma unor sesiuni de intrebari si raspunsuri.

Intrebarile principale sunt:
Ce ati vrea sa vedeti pe blogul LSRS UK?
Help us help you: ce probleme vreti sa adresam si cui?

Raspunsurile voastre le acceptam sub forma comentariilor la articolul dedicat incepand cu ora 9:00 GMT.

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